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5.8: Additional Resources

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  • Visit NetLingo for some common texting abbreviations.

    The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University includes an area on e-mail etiquette.

    Shea’s Netiquette online is another useful source.

    The New York Times blog “Gadgetwise: Getting Smart About Personal Technology” discusses an ever-changing variety of questions related to netiquette.

    The OWL at Purdue also includes pages on memo writing and a sample memo.;

    For 642 sample letters, from cover letters to complaints, go to this site.

    Visit this page for information on writing a request for proposal, quotation, and information.

    Visit this site for additional proposal writing tips.

    TechSoup offers a sample Request for Proposal.

    Your online profile counts as much as your résumé.

    Read a Forbes article on “Ten Ways to Torpedo Your Sales Pitch.”

    Direct mail and other sales copy written by Susanna Hutcheson.

    Visit this site for tips on how to write a public service announcement (PSA).

    The National Institute of Justice provides guidelines on writing a PSA.

    The AdCouncil provides a range of examples.

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