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21.10: The bigger picture

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    Tracking, analysing and optimising are fundamental to any digital marketing activity, and it is possible to track almost every detail of any online campaign.

    Most analytics packages can be used across all digital marketing activities, allowing for an integrated approach to determining the success of campaigns. While it is important to analyse each campaign on its own merits, the Internet allows for a holistic approach to these activities. The savvy marketer will be able to see how campaigns affect and enhance each other.

    The data gathered and analysed can provide insights into the following fields, among others:

    • SEO: What keywords are users using to search for your site, and how do they behave once they find it?
    • Email: When is the best time to send an email newsletter? Are users clicking on the links in the newsletter and converting on your website?
    • Paid media: How successful are your paid advertising campaigns? How does paid traffic compare to organic search traffic?
    • Social media: Is social media driving traffic to the website? How do fans of the brand behave compared to those who do not engage socially?
    • Mobile: How much of your traffic comes from mobile devices? Is it worth optimising your site for these? (It usually is!)

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