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21.9: Case study - eFinancialCareers

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    One-line summary

    eFinancialCareers, the world’s leading financial services careers website, used Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick Manager to improve its programmatic display remarketing.

    The challenge

    eFinancialCareers uses dynamic remarketing ads to drive leads to its site, where their goal – the major conversion they hope for – is for the user to fill out a job application. The company wanted to boost the number of conversions coming to them from programmatic ads.

    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): The eFinancialCareers website Adapted From Screenshot, eFinancial careers, 2017

    The solution

    With help from Google 360 experts Periscopix, they decided to gather and analyse insights about site visitors, including behavioural, demographic, and geographic information.

    They set up event tracking for a number of variables, including:

    • Country
    • Job sector
    • City
    • Company
    • Job ID number.

    After collecting data about their website users for six weeks, they segmented them into:

    • Passive users, who have visited the website and potentially registered for job updates, but haven’t viewed or applied for any jobs.
    • Active users, who have viewed and applied for jobs.

    Once they had this data about each segment, they could tailor programmatic remarketing ads to send the right message to individual users. Messages could encourage passive users to apply for vacancies, while active users could be sent tailored ads based on information such as the job sector in which they had displayed interest.

    They created almost 300 different remarketing lists, adding layers of detail to each identified segment.

    Because Analytics 360 and DoubleClick can be integrated, updated remarketing lists can be automatically passed to DoubleClick to ensure relevant targeting for programmatic ads.

    The results

    Because the new system allowed remarketing to reach users within the ideal conversion period, and with relevant messaging that was updated based on the user’s site activity, the ads performed considerably better. eFinancialCareers saw:

    • A 21% increase in site traffic from real-time bidding campaigns
    • A 423% increase in conversion rates for job applications coming from remarketing efforts.

    (Google, 2016)

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