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20.6: Tools of the trade

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    Online, conversion optimisation relies on being able to record which version of a test a web visitor sees, and whether or not that visitor converted. A returning visitor should also see the same version they saw the first time to avoid confusion. There are many software solutions that help you to do this.

    Google now provides a dedicated tool called Google Optimize for website and AB testing, as well as personalisation solutions. It integrates seamlessly with Google analytics, provides for split testing, multivariate testing and redirect testing. A builtin visual editor helps you to create variations to test, without needing to recode each page. Optimize makes managing your experiments much simpler with an activity log, experiment previews and by keeping track of user permissions. By facilitating testing, Optimise enables you to create pleasant and engaging user experiences for your customers when they visit your website.

    There are many split test calculators online that help you to determine the significance of split tests if you are running them yourself. Try split-test-calculatoror vwo.

    Kissmetrics is a popular analytics package that also includes testing and optimisation features. It refers to itself and a customer engagement automation system. It is a system designed for deep data tracking, and provides real insights into performance and user experience. Its ability to store information from every customer who ever interacts with your brand, not only assists with CRM, but sales leads as well.

    ClickTale is a web analytics tool that helps you to visualise how particular pages are performing by showing heat maps of mouse movements and clicks on a page. It also offers form analysis, showing how particular form fields may be affecting completion rate:

    HubSpot offers a free tool, HubSpot Marketing Free, which helps you improve your conversion optimisation. You can add a popup CTA to your site, and HubSpot will give you in-depth insights on prospects and current contacts. Find it here:

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