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20.2: Key terms and concepts

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    Table 20.2.1
    Term Definition
    A/B test Also known as a split test, it involves testing two versions of the same page or site to see which performs better.
    Ad Server The technology that places ads on websites.
    Call to action A phrase written to motivate the reader to take action such as sign up for our newsletter or book car hire today.
    Click path The journey a user takes through a website.
    Cookie A small text files that are used to transfer information between browsers and web servers. They help web servers to provide the right content when it is requested.
    Conversion Completing an action that the website wants the user to take. Usually a conversion results in revenue for the brand in some way. Conversions include signing up to a newsletter or purchasing a product.
    Conversion rate The number of conversions divided by the number of visitors expressed as a percentage.
    Funnel In web analytics or conversion optimisation, an established set of steps a user should take in reaching a goal, such as making a purchase.
    Heat map A data visualisation tool that shows levels of activity on a web page in different colours. Hypothesis A statement that is being tested.
    Landing page The first page a visitor sees on a site. Usually it is specific to a campaign being run.
    Micro-conversion A small conversion in the path to a full conversion, such as going from step one to step two in a checkout process of four steps.
    Multivariate test Testing combinations of versions of the website to see which combination performs better
    Null hypothesis The default or general position, usually where no difference is the hypothesis
    Split test Also known as an A/B test.

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