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19.S: Video Marketing(Summary)

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    Video has become an integral part of the online world. The potential for exposure, as well as interaction, is massive, and brands that fail to capitalise on this risk being left behind as competitors build thriving communities.

    As with most content, it is up to the brand to decide how to represent its video content. Videos can be hosted on popular video-sharing websites to capitalise on already existing audiences and developed interfaces, or on bespoke websites that allow for free reign in customisation. Brands should then aim to optimise their videos on the chosen platforms to increase their visibility on search engines.

    Creating a healthy community is also important in increasing exposure. Very rarely, if ever, does an audience come to video content without input from the creators. On top of optimising for search and other tweaks, brands should upload content regularly or risk losing any ground gained. Social media should also be considered as its platforms allow for the sharing of content, as well as commentary. Overall, brands should be aware that there is no quick fix for video. It requires planning and investment as well as long-term commitment to creating brand advocates.

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