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19.2: Key terms and concepts

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    Table 19.2.1
    Term Definition
    Annotation A comment or instruction usually added as text, on a YouTube video. A YouTube annotation may contain links directing users to other pages within YouTube or, if a brand is willing to pay, to outside websites. These have been phased out as of 2017 and replaced with video cards.
    Captions Text that appears over a video that labels a scene, identifies a location or person, or narrates dialogue onscreen. Captions can be either open or closed.
    Embedding Taking video from an online video provider and posting it elsewhere on the web.
    Google AdWords Google’s search advertising program, which allows advertisers to display their adverts on relevant search results and across Google’s content network.
    Metadata Information that can be entered about a web page and the elements on it to provide context and relevance information to search engines.
    Search engine results page (SERP) The actual results returned to the user based on a search query.
    Thumbnail The small, still image that is shown at the start of the video. This can be selected, and can make a video more enticing.
    Video cards Calls to action that pop up during a video and entice certain actions from viewers. Replaced annotations in 2017.
    Video search engine optimisation (VSEO) Optimising videos for search engines, similar to the way in which one would optimise a website to rank higher on the SERPs.
    Video syndication The process of distributing and getting search coverage for videos
    Views The number of times a video has been seen. Multiple views can come from one user.
    Viral video A video that becomes immensely popular, leading to its spread through word of mouth on the Internet via email, sharing on social networks, and other hosting websites.
    Vlogger Video blogger. A person who produces regular web videos about a chosen topic on a video-enabled blog.

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