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17.9: Case study - Fjordland’s 2015 Christmas campaign

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    Fjordland decided to run their Christmas marketing campaign exclusively on Facebook. The results showed a rise in sales, improved engagement and a substantial decrease in cost per click. All of this was achieved on a third of the usual campaign budget.

    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Fjordland’s Christmas elves Adapted From Digital training academy, 2016

    The challenge

    Fjordland, a Norwegian food manufacturer, produces easy-to-make dinners and dessert dairy products. For its last three Christmas campaigns, the company offered a quiz on its website to introduce users to its Christmas products. In 2012 and 2013 the brand had used TV and banner ads to direct traffic to their site. In 2014 they included social media, in the form of Facebook. The results for Facebook were very promising.

    The aim of the 2015 Christmas campaign was to focus the brand’s attention and budget on one channel, maximise the number of website visitors and increase sales.

    The solution

    Fjordland chose Facebook as their single channel of focus for their 2015 Christmas campaign, because of its high levels of reach and engagement.

    Fjordland researched its target audience and identified that they liked polls, product related promotions and meal suggestions. The brand strategically used this information to create content using these elements featuring a pair of Christmas elves. The Facebook campaign, which was optimised for desktop and mobile, included video, photo ads and link ads. The Facebook ads and posts directed customers to the Fjordland quiz website, for the chance to win a holiday.

    Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\): The Fjordland posts and ads on Facebook Adapted From Digital training academy, 2016

    The results

    Having a Facebook only campaign proved highly profitable for Fjordland. Their website traffic doubled, they saw a 14% uplift in year-on-year sales and experienced a 90% decrease in cost per click. All this was achieved on a third of the budget of previous years, providing an incredible ROI.

    The power of social media is evident. Social media, and Facebook in this instance in particular, are more efficient than traditional banner ads with regard to reach, engagement and cost per click. For Fjordland, Facebook had even beaten TV advertising.

    The Digital Manager at Fjordland noted the ’always on’ nature of Facebook and its incredible segmentation possibilities made it a powerful and efficient channel. They were exceptionally pleased at the results of choosing to focus on Facebook as an exclusive channel for this campaign (Digital training academy, 2016). To read more about this, look here: boosts_sales_for_fjordland.php#more

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