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16.14: The bigger picture

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    A strong digital marketing strategy draws successfully on various tactics, leveraging these together. Social media can complement tactics as follows:

    Social media is inextricably linked to content marketing strategy. Content is the foundation of any social media marketing endeavour, whether you’re creating digital copy, images, videos or other media.

    Social media can have SEO benefits. By using social media services, either to create or share content, websites can attract links and generate engagement, helping to enhance search engine rankings. Signing up to several social media channels can help a company own a larger chunk of the search engine results page. Companies can also use their SEO keyword strategy to focus their social media efforts.

    Social media can provide a targeted network for online advertising. Detailed demographic information can play a large role in media planning and buying. Advertisers should create targeted interactive advertising for these mediums to encourage engagement. Social media also provides affiliates with new avenues for targeted traffic, resulting in revenue growth for the company being marketed this way. Social media plays a large role in online monitoring and reputation management, viral marketing and digital PR. Social media is used to express opinion, and so is the bedrock of online reputation. Any company that wants to communicate to this connected audience needs to listen to social media. Social media is also key to finding and accessing your biggest brand advocates and influencers, who can be powerful allies in building your reputation.

    All other marketing efforts should feed into building your online community. Chiclets and referrals to your social media pages should be included in all other marketing materials. Social media should in turn try to convince users to sign up for newsletters or loyalty programs to get users to join your brand owned CRM. If the user is simply following you on the platform, their customer data lies on the third-party platform. Having their data in your own CRM allows you deeper access to that data so that you can engage with your customers through other mediums such as email and mobile.

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