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14.E: Customer relationship management(Exercises)

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  • Case study questions

    1. Why do you think Amazon Prime has been so successful for so many years, when most other programmes lose their allure?
    2. What aspect of loyalty does Prime tap into?
    3. What do you think of Amazon’s decision to include their video streaming as part of their Prime membership?

    Chapter questions

    1. How do you think CRM changed or evolved as social media rose to popularity?
    2. Why do customers respond so positively to personalised communication?
    3. What ethical problems do you think customers might raise with regards to behavioural tracking?

    Further reading – This useful website regularly posts white papers and reports breaking down updates and developments in the field of CRM. – This useful blog regularly features guest writers and experts in the field of social media and CRM. – Home of the Cluetrain Manifesto, a set of guiding principles geared towards conducting business in the digital world.

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