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13.9: Case study - Kraft Mac and Cheese

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    To show off its new recipe, Kraft Mac & Cheese created a first-of-its-kind Snapchat Lens that used gamification to engage users (Digital Training Academy, 2016).

    The challenge

    Kraft wanted to share with their customers the news that they had removed artificial flavours, preservatives, and dyes from Kraft Mac & Cheese. They wanted a nostalgic campaign that would reach a younger audience, so they chose Snapchat as their platform.

    The solution

    The brand created the ‘It’s changed. But it hasn’t.’ campaign, partnering with Snapchat to create a Sponsored Lens that was interactive and encouraged engagement through gamification.

    With this Lens, Snapchatters could virtually catch macaroni with their mouths. Each successful catch scored them points. This gamification aspect encouraged sending and receiving snaps with this Lens.

    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): A Lens Snap from the ’It’s changed. But it hasn’t.’ campaign Adapted From OurKevdigital, 2016

    The results

    The brand saw very favourable results from this campaign.

    • It reached almost 20 million Snapchatters.
    • 84% of those who remembered the Lens enjoyed it.
    • Snapchatters played with the lens for an average of 20 seconds.
    • Kraft Mac & Cheese saw a five point increase in brand favourability.
    • They saw a 13% lift in purchase intent.
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