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12.9: Advantages and challenges

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    Advantages of online advertising

    Banner advertising goes a long way towards bridging the advertising divide. These adverts have a set size, they can look very similar to print adverts, and they occupy a particular bit of real estate in a publication with a particular number of views. It’s easy to understand, and it does the things with which buyers are familiar.

    Online advertising can take advantage of the emotive qualities of images, videos and animations. Some campaigns are better suited to images than plain text.

    Since banners can contain rich media, they offer levels of interactivity that other forms of advertising cannot achieve. This allows your target market not only to see your banner, but also to play with it. Interaction builds a bond and improves the chances of the consumer remembering your brand tomorrow. Cognitive learning is a powerful outcome of interactive display advertising.

    Modern online advertising is able to bring together a number of other online marketing tactics such as animations, games, video and Flash.

    Banner ads, like all digital marketing tactics, are measurable. Track clickthrough rates and you get an idea of exactly how many users are responding to your call to action. Some publishers even have the ability to do post-click tracking, which means that you can track the user all the way to a sale if that is the purpose of the advert.

    Challenges of online advertising

    A lot of display advertising is intrusive, so popup blockers can often prevent adverts from being served as they were intended by the advertisers. There are also extensions available for web browsers, such as AdBlock Plus, that will block advertising on web pages. Technologically savvy consumers are increasingly using these methods to limit the advertising that they see.


    Advertising is not a problem that’s unique to the web, for example, TV viewers are increasingly skipping ads or watching episodes through online streaming services.

    Bandwidth can also be an issue, although this is a shrinking problem. However, campaigns should be planned according to demographics in determining the richness (and investment) of interaction.

    Consumers are suffering from advertising fatigue, so while new technologies can provide great results, as soon as the market moves mainstream it can get saturated. Consumers are increasingly ignoring adverts.

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