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11.9: Case study - Frooition

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    One-line summary

    Frooition, a web design firm, increased conversions and cut costs by optimising its PPC and SEO campaigns.

    The challenge

    Frooition proves creative services and apps for more than a quarter of a million customers around the world. They wanted to overhaul their SEO and PPC efforts so that they could maintain their current levels of sales conversions while simultaneously reducing their marketing budget.

    The solution

    They partnered with Vertical Leap to change their SEO and PPC campaigns. Their solution operated on several levels:

    • They found that eBay was limiting exposure of Frooition ads and requested removal of the restriction placed on the ads.
    • They restructured the entire account using historical data so that they could better focus budget. Keywords that didn’t work well were removed, and keyword match types were refined to better targeted search terms.
    • They wrote new ad copy to match the new structure of the account and improve the keyword quality score.
    • They adjusted the ad schedule so that high-performing hours of the day were targeted.
    • They created new ad extensions to highlight USPs and improve clickthrough rates.


    Because of the removal of poorly performing keywords and refining of targeting, they decreased the number of impressions by 33% and reduced overall spend by 65%. The quality score improved dramatically, and cost per click was reduced by 52%. The changes to ad copy and ad extensions, along with the targeting, increased the clickthrough rate and conversions were up as well.

    In summary:

    • Cost per conversion dropped by 70%
    • Total conversions increased by 21%
    • Conversion rate went up by 65%
    • Overall costs dropped by 65%
    • Clickthrough rate increased by 69% (Digital Training Academy, 2016).

    By using data and actionable insights carefully, this Frooition and Vertical Leap radically improved the PPC campaign.

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