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9.1: Introduction to Digital Copywriting

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    Online copy is a hardworking multi-tasker. It must provide information to visitors, engage with them, convince them to take a desired action and, all the while, convey brand ethos. It also has to provide context and relevance to search engines. It needs to achieve all this without seeming as if the author is trying too hard to ensure a particular outcome.

    You will see in this chapter that writing for digital is different from writing for more traditional media. Because of the sheer volume of information on the Internet, quality content is king. Many people argue that content is one of the most significant determinants of the success of your online campaigns. Considering it is one of the most direct lines of communication with your consumers, this is not surprising. Therefore, you will see many links between this chapter and the chapter on Content marketing strategy.


    Read more about this in the Content marketing strategy chapter.

    Online copywriting involves everything from the text on a website to the subject line of an email and all things in between. From PR articles of 800 words to four-line search adverts, if it’s being read on a screen, no matter what the size of that screen, from desktop computer to mobile phone, it’s online copy. Writing for digital does not mean the traditional rules of writing need to be abandoned. By and large, the foundations remain.

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