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7.E: Mobile channels and apps(Exercises)

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    Case study questions

    1. Describe how this campaign combined real-world experience with digital options.
    2. Why was an app the right way to go for this brand?
    3. Would you have included any other digital or mobile-specific channels in this campaign? Which ones/why?

    Chapter questions

    1. What makes mobile such a powerful medium for marketing?
    2. What are the biggest concerns for mobile-focused marketing?
    3. When is it a good idea to create an app for your brand?
    4. How would you go about deciding which engagement method is the best to use for your target market?

    Further reading - The Mobile Marketing Association contains research and insights, case studies, and educational material for mobile. – Mobile Marketer covers different forms of mobile marketing, offering news and developments in the industry. – Mobile Marketing Watch is a blog covering all things related to mobile marketing and advertising. - The Apptamin blog focuses specifically on apps and app marketing. – A great, informative resource focusing on app development.

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