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7.9: Measuring success

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    Mobile analytics are important for improving cross-channel marketing campaigns as well as optimising your mobile channels. Analytics for how your website and ads perform on mobile devices can be found in Google Analytics. SMS reporting can show you open rates, which messages were successful, and who received your message, among other things. Your mobile metrics should be measured across websites, apps, and any other aspect of mobile campaigns to help you measure ROI. Important metrics to measure include:

    • Mobile device type
    • Operating system
    • Screen size
    • How mobile visitors came to your site/app
    • On-site engagement metrics like number of page views, time on site, and bounce rates.

    With apps in particular, it’s easy to focus on the wrong metrics as important. Most people’s instinct is to look at number of downloads and installations, but that’s not enough to show success. Many users download an app, open it once, and never look at it again.

    Important app metrics, then, can include:

    • Number of active users
    • Lifetime value/revenue per user
    • Retention rate
    • Session length
    • Exit screen (to see if one screen is causing people to leave your app in frustration)
    • Number of user sessions per day (users who engage more with an app are more likely to become loyal users)
    • Crash analytics (tracking your app’s crashes per user to identify technical barriers).

    Always remember that you need to focus on metrics that show whether the user is using and enjoying your mobile properties.

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