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7.8: Advantages and challenges

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    The benefits of mobile are numerous.

    • Most mobile marketing mediums don’t require you to educate the audience.
    • Mobile is location-specific, offering opportunities to localise marketing and sharpen targeting efforts.
    • Mobiles are very immediate devices, with messages delivered instantly and very often acted on quickly.
    • Campaigns delivered via mobile can be very cost-effective.
    • Mobiles give you the opportunity to reach a target audience that may not have access to desktop computers.
    • Mobiles are ideal devices for well-optimised content delivery.

    Of course, it also comes with its own unique challenges.

    • Privacy is paramount because the mobile phone is personal, so campaigns need to ask users’ permission and assure them of privacy.
    • Mobiles vary widely in screen size, operating systems and browsers, so standardising websites and campaigns can be a challenge.
    • The small screen size associated with mobile limits options for browsing and inputting information.
    • Ensuring that brands provide value to users over mobile can take some careful thought.
    • Smartphone penetration is far from 100% in developing areas, and data costs can impact user access as well.

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