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7.2: Key terms and concepts

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    Table 7.2.1
    Term Definition
    App Short for ‘application’, which in a mobile context, means software developed specifically for smartphones and other mobile devices. These come in two types, web apps and native apps.
    Augmented reality (AR) A form of virtual reality in which computer graphics are superimposed onto the physical space around the user by way of a mobile device. These graphics can be 3D images or information tags.
    Bluetooth A short-distance wireless transfer protocol for connecting devices.
    LTE ‘Long term evolution’. A fourth-generation mobile communications standard and a name given to technology used in pursuit of faster data communication.
    NFC ‘Near-field communication’. A set of communication protocols that enable two devices, one of which is usually a mobile device, to communicate when they are within 4 cm of each other.
    Push messaging A notification from an app that displays on a smartphone while the app is not actively in use. This is triggered by an external event within the context of a connected device.
    QR code Quick response code. A machine-readable code, like a barcode, that can be used to store information like URLs and can be read by an app through the camera of a smartphone.
    SMS Short message service, a text message of up to 160 characters that can be sent from one mobile phone to another. MMS, Multimedia Messaging Service, is similar, but can include multimedia content and longer messages. This works on a regular cell phone connection, so it does not require a data connection or smartphone.
    Virtual reality (VR) Computer-generated simulations of a 3D image or environment. Using the right equipment, a person can interact with that environment in a seemingly real way
    Wi-Fi The transfer of information from one device to another over a distance without using wires.

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