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6.9: Case study - Offspring

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    One-line summary

    How moving to a responsive design website helped a UK-based online sneaker store called Offspring to increase mobile conversion rate and mobile revenue.

    The problem

    Offspring ( had no mobile website, and mobile users were having a poor user experience when accessing the site on their devices. This caused poor conversion rates and low revenue for mobile.

    Mobile users are the largest growing online market and Offspring witnessed a consistent increase in mobile traffic to their website. Their current site was not mobile-friendly, and was not providing a good user experience. This was also impacting on their SEO score. Offspring knew they needed to ensure mobile users had a good user experience to improve conversions, revenue and SEO.

    The solution

    Offspring considered a mobile-friendly site, but decided to opt for a fully responsive site to provide an optimised viewing experience irrespective of the device used to access the site. Offspring wanted to ensure that tablet users were also catered for in the design.

    The brand also wanted to ensure that they provided existing customers with a familiar look and feel so that they could still easily access and navigate the site.

    Certain key design features were included to improve user experience. A new sticky header was included that followed users down the page as they scrolled, providing easy navigation without having to scroll back to the top each time.

    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Offspring’s responsive vs. non responsive site Adapted From imgur, 2016
    Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\): Mobile friendly elements of Offspring’s new responsive design Adapted From imgur, 2016

    A new search bar was included with predictive search. This allowed users to search for their product more quickly.

    Figure \(\PageIndex{3}\): Search bar with predictive search on new responsive site Adapted From imgur, 2016

    Other design features included:

    • A new product listing page that was three columns wide on a desktop that could automatically scale down to two or one depending on the size of any different device used.
    • New image view and selection process was included on the product detail pages.
    • A ’Don’t forget’ section was included on the basket page so that users could automatically add items to their basket.
    • An improved checkout process was created with new delivery options.

    The intuitive navigation process was crucial to ensuring that users on any device would be able to find the information they needed quickly and easily.

    The results

    Users spent more time on the site, which lead to an increase in conversions and sales. The SEO visibility of the site showed dramatic improvement after moving over to the responsive site mainly due to the mobile site usability score on Google rocketing from 60/100 to 100/100. This saw organic traffic to the site increasing by over 25%.

    Figure \(\PageIndex{4}\): Offspring’s growing SEO visibility score Adapted From Moz, 2016

    Revenue increased as well, with:

    • A 15.19% increase in mobile/tablet conversion rate
    • A 102.95% uplift in mobile/tablet revenue year on year
    • A 20.25% increase in the e-commerce conversion rate from tablet users alone.

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