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5.E: User Experience Design(Exercises)

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    Case study questions

    1. What do you think about the methods used to test their UX? What other methods could they have used?
    2. What elements would you have included in the new improved UX design of
    3. Why do you think UX research helped increase sales and improve customer engagement for

    Chapter questions

    1. What are the six qualities that make up a good user experience?
    2. Are there any mobile specific issues that UX designers should keep in mind? What growing trend should UX designers keep in mind when designing any user experience?
    3. Explain why testing is so important with UX?

    Further reading – Smashing Magazine posts regular, in-depth articles and research focused on UX, technology and web design. - The blog of Luke Wroblewski, one of the world’s foremost UX experts. It’s filled with research and practical advice for working UX practitioners. [Accessed 30 October 2017] - a list of books on UX that are free and well worth reading. [Accessed 30 October 2017]

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