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1.E: Digital Marketing Strategy(Exercises)

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    Case Study Questions

    1. What was Vets now’s new brand strategy?
    2. Why was it necessary for Vets now to do such extensive customer research?
    3. Could it be argued that this case study covers a business strategy rather than a marketing strategy?

    Chapter Questions

    1. Why is it important to consider the business context when planning your marketing strategy?
    2. How has the Internet affected marketing and the models we use to understand it?
    3. Do you agree with the idea that customers are more empowered than they were before digital communications were so prevalent? Justify your answer.

    Further reading – Seth Godin’s popular blog provides regular insight and food for thought. – A marketing and innovation blog that teaches marketers to ‘Make Things People Want, rather than spend all their energy and resources trying to Make People Want Things’. – GigaOM’s community of writers covers a wide range of technological copies.

    Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind – This book by Ries & Trout published in 2002 offers excellent advice claiming space in the minds of consumers.

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