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2.12: Discussion- Analyzing Marketing Efforts

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    Step 1: Choose an Organization

    Choose an organization that does marketing. Use the guidelines below as you make your selection. Make it easy on yourself and choose an organization you’re interested in, and for which you can observe the marketing efforts.

    If you choose a very large organization that markets many different products, focus your paper on one product or product line. For example, if you choose Chevrolet, don’t address trucks but choose a particular model of truck, or Corvettes.

    Step 2: Explore the Organization’s Current Marketing Activity

    Take a few minutes to research where and how this organization is conducting marketing activities. What marketing tactics and channels is it using? Who is it reaching?

    Step 3: Post to the Discussion

    Put the following information into your post:

    • Company name
    • Headquarter location (city, state/province, country)
    • Industry
    • Web site
    • Why you chose this organization
    • What marketing efforts you can see the organization doing

    Step 4: Respond to Classmates’ Posts

    After you have created your own post, look over the discussion posts of your classmates and respond to at least two of them.

    Guidelines for Selecting an Organization

    Identify an organization working in industry or area that interests you. Choose carefully because during this course, you will create a marketing plan focused on this organization. Think broadly about the type of organization you’d like to focus on. If you choose a very large organization, you’ll need to pick a specific product or service to explore. Small and medium-sized businesses tend to work well.

    You’ll need an organization for which plenty of content is available to help you with the analysis you’re trying to do. You may be able to find primary information, or you may need to do research and create informed hypotheses (guesses) based on your research.

    The following table lists a number of industries and sample companies you might consider. After this discussion post, you’ll have one week to change your selection if you decide to take a different path for the marketing plan.

    Industry Organization Examples
    Healthcare United Healthcare, Kaiser
    Entertainment Dave & Buster’s, Regal Cinemas
    Banking & Financial Services Simple, Charles Schwab
    Sporting Goods Nike, REI, Bass Pro
    Clothing, Shoes, Accessories Guess, Tom’s Shoes
    Dining, Food Service Jimmy John’s, Five Guys, Sysco, Kellogg
    Hospitality Marriott, Kimpton, Comfort Suites
    Retail Zappos, Macy’s, Dollar Tree, Trader Joe’s
    Packaged Goods Hershey, Hain Celestial
    Technology SpaceX, Snapchat
    Manufacturing Boeing, John Deere
    Transportation Virgin Atlantic, Carnival Cruise Lines, Uber
    Automotive Tesla, AutoNation
    Business & Consulting Services VistaPrint, H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt
    Non-profit or Charitable Organization Museum of Modern Art, The Trevor Project, Kiva, Wounded Warrior Project

    Grading Rubric for Discussion Posts

    The following grading rubric may be used consistently for evaluating all discussion posts.

    Discussion Grading Rubric

    Criteria Response Quality: Not Evident Response Quality: Developing Response Quality: Exemplary Point Value Possible
    Submit your initial response No post made – 0 pts Post is either late or off-topic – 2 pts Post is made on time and is focused on the prompt – 5 pts Point value possible – 5 pts
    Respond to at least two peers’ presentations No response to peers – 0 pts Responded to only one peer – 2 pts Responded to two peers – 5 pts Point value possible –5 pts

    Total Points Possible for Discussion Assignment: 10pts.

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