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13.9: NewsBreaker Live

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    The final push of the campaign came in June with the launch of the first-ever in-cinema interactive audience game, NewsBreaker Live. The game premiered in Los Angeles before the movie Spider-Man 3 and then moved on to Philadelphia and White Plains, New York.

    Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 11.02.47 PM.png
    Figure 13.12 introduced the first-ever audience in-cinema game: NewsBreaker Live. SS+K worked with the Brand Experience Lab and The Bridge Cinemas to produce and present this game. Audience members control the action on the screen by waving their arms. See the YouTube demo at

    The campaign centered on the overarching brand message, but there are also instances where you use your media buys to promote elements of your company or other marketing efforts. A few examples would be a flyer about an event or a newspaper ad about a sponsorship. Each print ad had the URL

    Press coverage and management was ongoing throughout the campaign. It was led by Danielle Tracy and supported and implemented by Katie O’Kane and others.

    Video Spotlight

    Danielle Tracy

    (click to see video)

    Danielle Tracy talks about launching the PR effort around the campaign.

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