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3.5: Chapter 3 Excercise

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    (5 pts)

    What is best way to measure flow on a river every hour?

    (5 pts)

    What is the best way to estimate stormwater run-off from:

    a. A building?
    b. A neighborhood?
    c. A city?

    (15 pts)

    Descriptions and color photos are attached at the end of this exercise section for seven types of asphalt pavement distress. Your assignment is to walk around the local area and identify as many of the seven types of pavement surface distress as you can. List a specific location for each type you find, describe the distress, including an estimate of the size of the distressed area, and either take a photograph or produce a sketch of the distress. You may do this problem with one or more colleagues.

    Important Note: Watch out for traffic! Work during daylight hours and do not expose yourself to traffic. Parking lots and sidewalks can be used for this exercise!

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