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2.5: Chapter 2 Excercises

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    P2.1 (5 pts)

    Suppose we decided to implement an asset management process for information technology in a small (100 people) office. What steps would be needed to do so?

    P2.2 (10 pts)

    Describe why asset management is such an important process for state and local authorities that are in charge of infrastructure. Be sure to consider economic and social impacts. Include references as needed.

    P2.3 (10 pts)

    Appearing below is Note 9 from the Carnegie Mellon University Annual Report for 2013.

    1. Why would Carnegie Mellon go to the trouble of estimating the value of land, buildings and equipment?
    2. What has accumulated depreciation? What fraction of the value of buildings, moveable equipment, utilities, and leasehold improvements has been depreciated? Why isn’t land in the same category as these other assets?
    3. Carnegie Mellon hasn’t sold a building in a very long time. How might these values be estimated?

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