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4.5: Creativity and Passion

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  • Learning Objectives

    1. Understand how creativity relates to vision.
    2. Develop some creativity tools.
    3. Understand how passion relates to vision.

    Creativity and passion are of particular relevance to mission and vision statements. A simple definition of creativity is the power or ability to invent. We sometimes think of creativity as being a purely artistic attribute, but creativity in business is the essence of innovation and progress. Passion at least in the context we invoke here, refers to an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction. Passion is also associated with intense emotion compelling action. We will focus mostly on the relationship between creativity, passion, and vision in this section because organizational visions are intended to create uneasiness with the status quo and help inform and motivate key stakeholders to move the organization forward. This means that a vision statement should reflect and communicate something that is relatively novel and unique, and such novelty and uniqueness are the products of creativity and passion.

    Figure 4.7


    Entrepreneurs are creative and passionate about their ideas, two characteristics we often associate with vision and visionaries.

    StartupStockPhotos – CC0 public domain.