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13.8: Chapter Review Questions

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    1. Compare and contrast power, authority, and leadership.
    2. Identify five bases of power, and provide an example of each. Which base (or bases) of power do you feel would be most commonly found in organizations?
    3. Discuss the concept of power dependencies. What is the relationship between power dependencies and bases of power?
    4. What is counterpower? Provide an example of counterpower from your own experience.
    5. Why is it important to understand political behavior in organizations?
    6. Define politics. How does politics differ from power?
    7. Compare and contrast the resource dependence model of power and politics with the strategic contingency model.
    8. Identify several specific power tactics in organizations, and provide an example of each.
    9. Why is it important that the exercise of power and politics be handled in an ethical fashion? What might happen if employees felt that managers were using power in an unethical fashion?