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10.7: Glossary

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  • adaptation Technique of working with or around differences

    boundaries Lines that make the limits of an area; team boundaries separate the team from its external stakeholders

    cognitive complexity The ability to view situations from more than one cultural framework

    collaboration The action of working with someone to produce or create something

    cultural intelligence A skill that enables individuals to function effectively in cross-cultural environments

    emotional intelligence The capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and others’ emotions

    exit Technique of last resort—removal of a team member

    Forming The first stage of team development—the positive and polite stage

    ground rules Basic rules or principles of conduct that govern a situation or endeavor

    head, body, and heart Techniques for becoming more adept in cross-cultural skills—learning about cultures (head), physical manifestations of culture (body), and emotional commitment to new culture (heart)

    knowledge economy The information society, using knowledge to generate tangible and intangible values

    managerial intervention Technique of making decisions by management and without team involvement

    mining To delve in to extract something of value; a technique for generating discussion instead of burying it

    Norming The third stage of team development—when team resolves its differences and begins making progress

    paradox A self-contradictory statement or situation

    Performing The fourth stage of team development—when hard work leads to the achievement of the team’s goal

    real-time permission A technique for recognizing when conflict is uncomfortable, and giving permission to continue

    Storming The second stage of team development—when people are pushing against the boundaries

    structural intervention Technique of reorganizing to reduce friction on a team

    working group Group of experts working together to achieve specific goals; performance is made up of the individual results of all members