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5.11: Managerial Skills Application Exercise

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    1. Do you agree that diversity can be a source of greater benefit than harm to organizations? Why or why not?
    2. Have you ever worked in a diverse team setting before? If so, did you encounter any attitudes or behaviors that could potentially cause conflict? If not, how would you manage conflict stemming from diversity?
    3. List three organizational goals you would implement to create an organizational culture of diversity and inclusion.
    4. Have you or has someone you know experienced discrimination? How did that affect you or that person emotionally, physically, or financially?
    5. Pick an identity group (e.g., gay, Black, or woman) other than your own. Imagine and list the negative experiences and interactions you believe you might encounter at work. What policies or strategies could an organization implement to prevent those negative experiences from occurring?
    6. Provide a concrete example of how different perspectives stemming from diversity can positively impact an organization or work group. You may use a real-life personal example or make one up.