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5.10: Chapter Review Questions

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    1. Define the three types of diversity and compare them using examples for each type.
    2. How are the demographics of the workforce changing?
    3. What are some major challenges that women face in organizations?
    4. What is the model minority myth? How does it compare to how Blacks and Hispanics are stereotyped?
    5. What are some benefits of hiring older workers?
    6. Why would an employee “pass” or “reveal” at work? What are the positive and negative consequences of doing so?
    7. Explain the six benefits of workplace diversity described by Cox and Blake’s business case for diversity.
    8. Compare how the cognitive diversity hypothesis and the similarity-attraction paradigm relate to diversity outcomes.
    9. Based on the justification-suppression model, explain why individuals act on their prejudicial beliefs.
    10. Describe the challenges that managers must face when managing diversity.
    11. How can employees ensure they are compliant with the laws and legislation enforced by the EEOC?
    12. What are some recommendations for managing diversity?