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5.5: References

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  • Michael Cook has helped inform many educators and researchers, including myself, by introducing concepts from the organizational economics literature and applying them to the cooperative business model. The discussion on demutualization and reasons cooperatives might fail can be found in his paper entitled “The Future of U.S. Agricultural Cooperatives: A Neo-Institutional Approach,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 77,5(1995):1153–1159.

    Additional information about new generation cooperatives can be found at tinyurl. com/y7akyd8c.

    Information on Capper-Volstead is available at

    Elinor Ostrom has written widely about common pool resources and how they can be used to solve problems such as collective ownership of forests, irrigation systems, and other similar resources. Her Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences address can be found at

    The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperative economic impact studies, led by Brent Hueth, can be found at