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Civil Procedure

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  • Sophie-Katharina Matjaz
    Civil Procedure

    I.Swiss Civil Procedure Code

    1.Constitutional Framework




    1.The Principle of Party Disposition as a Rule

    2.The Principle of Ex-Officio Assessment as an Exception

    3.The Principle of Party Representation as a Rule

    4.The Principle of Ex-Officio Investigation as an Exception

    III.Institutions and Procedure

    1.Attempt at Conciliation

    2.Ordinary Proceedings

    3.Other Types of Proceedings

    4.Appellate Proceedings

    IV.Landmark Cases

    1.International Case

    2.Dürrenmatt’s Heirs

    3.Agreement on Jurisdiction

    4. Filing an Appeal with an Incompetent Court

    5.Incorrect Instructions on Objection Remedies

    Selected Bibliography

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